1. To reserve a place we require a £75/£200 non refundable deposit on application along with the completed
    booking form.
  2. The remaining fee outstanding for the course is due 14 days prior to the commencement date of the
  3. Cancellations must be made 14 days before the course start date or the £75/£200 deposit will be lost. There
    will be no refunds but an alternative date will be given to re-book.
  4. In the event of a cheque or credit/debit payment being unpaid or referred by the bank, your course place
    will be suspended and any charges incurred by “Deep Beauty Spa & Training Academy” will be passed on
    to the student.
  5. Should the student choose to pay for training by “Monthly Payments” on a Credit / Debit card, or by bank transfer or post dated cheques, The Deep Beauty Spa & Training Academy reserves the right to make reference to debt agencies to ascertain whether any judgements for bad debts are outstanding against the student, under these circumstances Deep Beauty Spa & Training Academy reserves the right to refuse payment for training by this method. Deep Beauty Spa & Training Academy will agree the payment dates with the student in advance. Having made such an arrangement the Student has entered into an agreement with Deep Beauty Spa & Training Academy to make payments of the agreed amounts on the due dates. Deep Beauty Spa & Training Academy will debit the agreed amounts on the due date and if such payment is declined, then Deep Beauty Spa & Training Academy retains the right to re try the transaction without reference to the student, at which point Deep Beauty Spa & Training Academy will write to The student informing them that Deep Beauty Spa & Training Academy has not received a payment as per the arrangement, and request that the student contact us to make alternate payment arrangements. If no alternate payment arrangements are made then Deep Beauty Spa & Training Academy reserves the right to try to take payment as per the original agreement.
  6. In the event the Student decides to leave the course part way through, then no monies paid will be refunded and courses are not transferable, and any monies owed to Deep Beauty Spa & Training Academy on a monthly payment scheme must be paid in full.
  7. “Deep Beauty Spa & Training Academy” reserves the right to decline the application of a student. Extra
    training and advice is available but will be charged at an hourly rate.
  8. If the student’s assessment is not up to the required level we can rearrange another date to re-sit the
    course. This will be chargeable at an additional £50 to be taken within 3 months of the original course.
  9. In certain circumstances “Deep Beauty Spa & Training Academy” may need to reschedule or cancel a
    course. This may occur due to insufficient numbers or an emergency situation. In this instance a refund
    will be offered if no other date is suitable to the student.
  10. In the event of the student being late and missing out on too much of the course then admittance into
    the class will be refused, an alternative date can be arranged with the re-booking fee of £40
  11. Health and Safety must be complied with during the course.
  12. Certain courses will require proof of qualification. In this case a copy of your original certificate must be
    sent prior to commencement of the course. Failure to do this will result in the student being refused
    admission into the class.
  13. Training Literature issued prior to, during and after your course is subject to copyright. No copies of
    course material or usage other than student learning must be made.
  14. All students must bring with them a Ring Binder or Folder and Card Dividers as these are required for all courses and they are not provided.
  15. It is the responsibility of students to provide models on training and assessment dates. Whilst we will endeavour to help as best we can to provide models for you we can’t always guarantee.
  16. Guild accredited training courses are recognised by the Guild for membership and insurance purposes. This means that any student who holds a Guild accredited course will be able to obtain the insurance they need from the Guild to work in the industry in the UK.  Guild accredited training courses are widely recognised throughout the industry in the UK, Ireland and internationally. However, we cannot guarantee that Guild accredited courses will be universally accepted by all other training organisations and some licensing authorities may require additional qualifications. It is your responsibility as the student to make sure that you have sufficient qualifications to attend further training courses.
  17. Re-issue of lost diploma certificates cost £20.00, for VTCT certificates you need to contact VTCT directly and they cost £35.

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